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Love the New Games from Bandai Namco @BandaiNamcoUS

My mom and I attended an event this weekend to check out the latest line-up of kids’ video games from BANDAI NAMCO Games America. It was really a fun event and I got to play  lots of fun games at the Nintendo store up at Rockefellar Center. And guess what, I got to meet the Power Rangers. What fun!!

Power Rangers Allie Cat Review

Checking out the new games.



PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2  (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)


Power Rangers Super Megaforce (Nintendo 3DS)



Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle (Nintendo 3DS)




Definitely check out these new games.  P.S. If you are near Rockefeller Center, have your parents take you to the Nintendo Store for a game break. You can play tons of games. 

Kit Kittredge’s Adventures in New York City @AmericanGirl

Kit Kittredge's Adventures in New York City, American Girl Dolls, American Girl Stores, American Girl Brunches

I received my first American Girl doll for Christmas. My godmother S. bought Kit Kittredge for me. Ever since then I’ve been taking Kit everywhere.

So I decided to make a post about it. During my Winter break from school,  I took Kit to her first home the American Girl doll store on Fifth Avenue. At the store,  we bought matching t- shirts. One day, Kit came with me to my mom’s office.

I can’t wait to take Kit on other adventures in my hometown, New York City.