Go See Fuerza Bruta – It’s Awesome @fuerzabrutanyc

Go see  Fuerza Bruta show, it is so awesome. I have never even seen anything like it. It’s hard to describe but I will try. Everyone stands during the show so you can see the performers up close. Some fly through the air, or walk on treadmill (we were confused about that one) and women who slide across a floor full of water.

Fuerza Bruta

Here are the performers above our heads. It was a mix of ballet and just sliding across the floor. I am not sure what it meant but it was cool to see them.

Fuerza Bruta Swimmer

And then the floor lowered to meet the audience. The were so close you could touch it.


Fuerza Bruta

If you are 8 are older, like music and want to see an awesome show that will keep you excited and engaged then definitely see Fuerza Bruta. But if you don’t like loud music or lots of lights don’t go. And again, I couldn’t tell you what it’s about and neither could my mom and my friends.


Happy Birthday Willy Wonka 50th Party @DylansCandyBar

Did you know Wily Wonka is 50 years old? I love Willy Wonka and have seen both versions of the movie. This weekend,  I  attended an event hosted by Milk + Bookies at my  favorite Candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Roald Dahl book, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.

Willy Wonka was there along with chocolate fountains.

Willy Wonka Allie Cat

 Of course had to have chocolate covered pretzels from their huge chocolate fountain.


Dylans Candy Bar Chocolate Fountain

willy wonka poster

My mom and me gave books to Milk + Bookies which is a nationwide charitable organization that inspires children to give back, using books as its currency and facilitates opportunities for children to raise book donations and give back to their peers who do not have access to books of their own.


Hasbro’s Tranformers Event was Awesome #TFBirthday @HasbroNews

Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS had a birthday celebration at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan recently and  I was able check out tons of Hasbro Transformer toys like KRE-O Transformer building sets, Transformer Hero Masher action figures, Transformer One Step Bumble Bee and Tranformers Rescue Bots.


 Transformers Rescue Bots in Person 

Transformers Rescue Bots


Did you know there was a Mr. Potato Head Transformers Mixable Mashable Heroes as Optimus Prime and Grimlock Figures? 

Transformers Party


Transformers, Transformers, Transformers Toys 

Transformers Birthday

My  two favorites were the Transformer One Step Bumble Bee.  In one awesome step,  you can change from a Bumble Bee action figure to a car. Really, it’s super  easy to do. Check out my video on how easy it is to change it.


Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee Figure Video





Totally fun event and all to celebrate Hasbro Transformer’s Birthday. Awesome!

Blue Man Group is Funny and Entertaining @BlueManGroup

My mom and I went to see the Blue Man Group last weekend. This was the second time I have seen Blue Man Group. The first time was in Universal Orlando. I knew what to expect but I forgot how much fun they are. 


What I liked about the Astor Place Theatre is how close the stage is so you can really the performers. During the show,  they like to walk up the aisle and choose people from the audience to come up on stage. That’s super funny because the people don’t what’s going to happen so you get to laugh at all their reactions.

I can’t really describe the show. It’s three men covered in blue paint who never talk but do funny things with marshmallows and paint and other stuff. 

Definitely see it and I forgot to mention, it’s super appropriate for everyone.

Cabbage Patch Kids Turns 30

Cabbage-Patch-KidsLast week,  my mom and attended an event to celebrate Cabbage Patch Kids turning 30. That’s really old. My mom wanted to go because the doll reminder her of her  childhood so I said sure I would go. I am happy I went because I received my first Cabbage Patch doll. Her name is Riley Molly. Isn’t she cute?



Isn’t this an awesome picture? A really huge Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Her head was really big though.


You can buy cabbage patch kids dolls at

My First New York Mets Game @NYMets

On July 3,  I went to  my first NY Mets game at CitiField.  My mom and I actually visited Citified a couple of years ago when it opened and I got to go on the field but didn’t get to watch a game.

I was so excited when my mom told me we were going to the game because I have been wanting go to see  a baseball game for a long time. The game was awesome when we finally go to see the Mets play.



NY-Mets NY-Mets-Game


We  had to wait for over two hours because it was raining but I made my mom wait even though she wanted to leave. I am glad we waited. The Mets ended up with three home runs. Did you know that when the Mets get a home run an huge apple pops up

The best part of the night was the Fireworks. We had to wait until midnight for the fireworks to start but I didn’t care. This was the best day ever even though the Mets lost.



Attending Epic The Movie Screening #EpicTheMovie @EpicTheMovie

Last week, I attended the “Green Carpet” screening of the Epic starring Beyonce (no, she wasn’t there); Josh Hutcherson (again, not there) and Amanda Seyfried (she was there but I didn’t get to see her.)

It was a lot of fun to walk the carpet just the stars of the movie get to do. My mom and I walked by a lot of photographers which was fun. Maybe one they will be waiting for me.

Before we went into the theater, we stopped and had a photo taken just like the stars of the movie. If you are looking for movie this summer to go see, Epic is awesome. My favorite part and the funniest was with Mub and Grub, you have to see the movie but they are a snail and slug, gross I know in real life but in the movie, totally hilarious.


Disclosure: Allie Cat Reviews was not compensated for this post.

Attending KidzVuz FashionTweenStas Event


Recently, I went to an awesome event called Fashion TweenStas hosted by where I am a video contributor.  There was so much do, it was hard for me to get it all in and to say what was my favorite thing to do. I went to the Children’s Place booth (see above)  where I styled my own mannequin, notice the silver sequined hat, it’s mine.

And can you believe I had my picture taken with Liam from One Direction, okay you can see it’s just a poster, but they gave me ID Pop On fingernails. How cool is that?


Have you ever heard of iScream Shop?  They make these fun pillows. Hope my mom gets me one for Christmas.

I loved every station at the event but my three favorite activities were Microsoft where I checked out the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, Just Dance 4 where I really spent a lot of time, playing against the other girls and getting a glitter tattoo and not just any tattoo, A Knicks Tattoo.  If you have an  event or a birthday party coming up, definitely call Glitter Tattoo New York, because they do the coolest tattoos.  I hope my mom hires her for my 10th birthday party.



 Disclosure: Allie Cat Reviews received a swag bag for attending the event. 

Digital Family Summit 2012

Attending the Digital Family Summit in Philadelphia was the first conference where I actually sat in classes with my mom. My favorite workshop was WordPress because it really helped me learn more about how to load my own posts.

I liked that there kids my own age which was cool.

And there were some fun parties especially the Ubisoft Just Dance 4 party.

I hope we can go next year.


My First Today Show Appearance – @Disney Family Fun Segment

Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and guest co-host Billy Ray Cyrus This week, I appeared on The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and co-host Billy Ray Cyrus. When we were in the Green Room, I heard he was the co-host, I was so excited. Miley Cyrus’s dad and I get to meet him. I loved the Green Room where we had to wait because my mom let me eat donuts and bagels before the show.

We waited a long time but then they took us upstairs for the show. I could believe all the people and lights and cameras. OMG, then I saw Billy Ray Cyrus, I told him, “Say hi to Miley” and he told me “I will.”

The show was so much fun. I can’t believe I got to play shuffleboard with Billy Ray Cyrus and got to high-five him after I was done.

Here’s my segment (the lady with us is Mary Giles, the Editor for Disney Family Fun magazine) and you should really watch it all the way to end because Kathie Lee plays this game with an orange and Billy Ray says “that’s so inappropriate” and it is.

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